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Software License Transfer


Hewlett Packard Enterprise recognizes that you, our customer, take licensing seriously, and that you want to be assured you are in total compliance. The Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software License Transfer process will offer you that assurance.
The Software License Transfer policy applies only in the case of ownership changes for used Hewlett Packard Enterprise software license products.

Transfer is required when there is:

  • The sale of a used system and its licenses from one legal entity to another
  • The acquisition of one company by another
  • The merger of two different companies
  • The creation of a new, separate, "spin-off" company
  • Divesture – separation from the parent company

Enterprise Group Products (Servers, Storage, and Networking)

Transfer is permitted for:

  • HP3000, e3000 servers, HP9000, Integrity servers
  • EVAs, StoreVirtual, 3PAR
  • Systems with OpenVMS VAX, OpenVMS-Alpha and Tru64-Unix products
  • Mission Critical Servers click here to download documents

Transfer is not permitted for:

  • ILO/ ICE
  • VMware
  • Storage XP
  • Brocade/DCFM
  • Redhat
  • Nearline

click here to download the Transfer Request Form

Hewlett Packard Enterprise Software:

Transfer is permitted for:

  • Adoption Readiness, ALM, ArcSight
  • Asset Manager,
  • CMS, CSA, Client Automation,
  • CIT,
  • Data Protector, DDMI; Diagnostics,
  • FT, UFT, Fortify, Load Runner
  • Network Automation, NNM, Operation Manager,
  • PC, PPM, QTP, QC, Service Manager
  • SiteScope, SOA, Shunra, Storage Essentials,
  • TEMip, Transaction Vision,
  • TurnKey, TRIM, UD, Vertica, Web Inspect


click here to download the Request Form

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